Cloud computing

LEON cloud is connected to the future. Provide cloud computing services, in the case of constant quality, save costs for enterprises, flexible deployment, with practical functions, easy to touch cloud.

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Convenient cloud service


Change as needed

Fast elastic change

As your business grow or decrease, you only need to operate on the console to implement configuration changes, which can flexibly solve the demand adjustment.


Save money

Multiple billing methods

LEON Cloud provides a variety of charging methods to meet your cost requirements.Pay as go and real-time bill display.


Powerful computing

Super strong hardware

The supercomputer with multi-core processors in the data center can schedule and calculate with ease in the face of massive big data.


Easy to use

Friendly management panel

Self developed easy-to-use management panel, easy to operate, convenient for you to quickly manage your cloud server or view relevant statistical data.

PF CLOUD User Interface


Choose cloud server resources as you like


Easy to use management panel

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