LEON network has Tier-1 ISP upstream routing, the global network in all directions, low latency, high quality links. There are also direct connected submarine optical cable services to meet the needs of big data customers.

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Connecting the world in all directions


Ultra-low Latency

IP Transit/Peering/Undersea cable

You can use the LEON IP transit service directly and have multiple upstream networks. Or do peering network with us. In addition, the leased submarine optical cable is provided to realize L2 point-to-point transmission.


Cost savings

Peak / 95% billing

According to your needs, use the peak bandwidth, or promise to guarantee the minimum bandwidth, and then perform 95% billing burst. The flow chart is fed back to customers in real time to meet the demand of elastic network.


Provide IP prefixs by yourself

Free IP announcement

Customers can bring their own IP prefix. In a certain amount, we will announce it for you for free, so you can use it and save costs.


Safe and secure

Basic protection options

Automatic remote black hole processing attack. We can pay extra to provide basic DDoS local and remote migration services, return to the source of clean traffic, and ensure the orderly operation of business.

LEON BGP backbone to global latency

Destination Country Latency
Tokyo <=> Osaka Japan14.09 ms
Tokyo <=> Seoul korea32.43 ms
Tokyo <=> Hong Kong China48.18 ms
Tokyo <=> Taipei China32.53 ms
Tokyo <=> Shanghai China36.67 ms
Tokyo <=> Singapore Singapore87.00 ms
Tokyo <=> Kuala Lumpur Malaysia84.77 ms
Tokyo <=> Sydney Australia141.28 ms
Tokyo <=> Manila Philippines73.52 ms
Tokyo <=> Los Angeles USA121.53 ms
Tokyo <=> New York USA173.23 ms
Tokyo <=> Paris France173.06 ms
Tokyo <=> London britain229.55 ms
Tokyo <=> Brasilia Brazil258.54 ms

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