Networking services

Various connecting : local loop / Undersea cable / IP transit / Peering

Typical customer case

U.S. customers: submarine cable rental + network equipment hosting


Because of the long distance, InTech, an American company, cannot manage network equipment well. LEON helps InTech to maintain daily network equipment. At the same time, we rent Pacific submarine optical cable for customers to achieve point-to-point physical transmission from Tokyo to the west coast of the United States.

Taiwan customers: routing customization & security services

Eagle network

This company from Taiwan is very sensitive to line delay and network, so it has customized the route. We adjusted the best routing path for him to achieve 35ms delay from Japan to Taiwan, and provided services in network security.

Japanese customers: help customers pull wires & contact ISP

ASAI Internet

ASAI Internet is a local network company in Japan. LEON helped them negotiate with Japanese ISPs and got very low bandwidth. And help customers pull local hoops and optical fiber in building, to achieve the BGP network.

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